Brits are being urged to open their windows every 10 minutes to get rid of Covid-19 lingering in their homes this winter in Government’s new video campaign

Bron: The Daily Mail

The Government is urging people to open their windows every 10 minutes this winter to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Experts say ventilation will be more important in the winter as people spend the majority of time indoors where they breathe in recycled air.

Covid-19 spreads when small virus particles exhaled by carriers – either through their breath, a cough or sneeze – is inhaled by someone else. The virus thrives in enclosed spaces where fresh air is scarce.

A film has been launched as part of the Hands, Face, Space campaign, which illustrates how viral particles can be washed away using fresh air from outside.

Number 10 is also encouraging people to use extractor fans in the bathroom or kitchen to remove parts of the virus.

Scientists advising the Government warned in October that virus transmission may increase by up to a third during the winter because offices and schools are poorly ventilated.

They said offices and schools should have ‘ventilation purges’ by opening the windows for blasts of cold fresh air.

But they acknowledged that asking people to open their windows in the cold months could cause ‘discomfort’ and cause people’s heating bills to soar.

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